Two Reclining Women The light sketch belongs to a collection of drawings by Gustav Klimt, a revolutionary artist within his era. The drawing of, Two Reclining Women, illustrates the sexual nature of two naked women as they pose illustrating their bodies. The pencil on paper belongs to 1 of 4,000 sketches of the classic artist, seized from his art studio upon his death. The beautiful sketch showcases the artist's immense talent and ability to portray the female body in its natural form. A woman is lying on their stomach, while the other woman lies on her side, showcasing her backside to the viewer. The prominent focal point of the piece is the sexual allure achieved throughout the sketch. These women have positioned themselves in a provocative form that manifests their bosoms to the viewer. The woman near the back arches her body, showcasing her wide hips and sharp arch. The other woman's body is as well depicted in a curvy form, accentuating her features and body. The artist depicts the women's hair in a light shade as he outlines the form of their lush locks. Klimt does not do into a great depth of detail, and simply outlines their body shapes and hair. The sketch has no elements of shade, nor many accentuating features. The artist deepens the area between the woman's legs, hinting at her natural form hidden underneath. While the piece is not overly sexual, the emotion behind the sketch holds an erotic form. Much of the artist's work did not shed light on his work's sexual nature, however the array of sketches that were uncovered by the artist illustrates a sexual presence to the work. A few of these sketches include Lying Girl Nude on Her Back, Female Nude Study, and Reclining Woman. These sketches manifest the erotic undertone and sexual presence behind Klimt's work that seized his fascination. The artist is well know for depict the female body, away from an overly sexual tones. The classic style that the artist had transitioned towards through his career was female portraits depicting women. These masterful works showcased an array of detail that highlighted the presence of the women, while incorporating their natural beauty and grace. These works include a number of styles through realism, impressionism, and art nouveau. Gustav Klimt's masterful style adds an array of detail in any art piece. The artist had viewed his quick sketch, Two Reclining Women, as a prominent artwork that would inspire many in the feature. Klimt's calm portrayal of the female body in its natural form is a trademark throughout his work. The artist witnessed their soft details and characteristics as a trademark throughout his work as he is know for his beautiful depiction of woman. The artist was able to tackle the female aurora in any genre of art, having the women add to the emotion of the piece. The only time Klimt had depicted the male body within his work were through his early pieces such as the Actor Josef Lewinsky as Don Carlos, for a mural located in the Burgtheatre at the beginning of him career. As well, Klimt incorporates the male European presence through his work when placing the back backwards to showcase their muscular backs. Klimt found immense fascination in the formation of the male back, as it showcased an array of lines, movements, and forms. Gustav Klimt's allure for showcasing male and females body are based on the flow the natural entities carry through his work, adding to the classic style of taking away from it's masterful art form. Gustav Klimt's work will continue to seize the focal point of art through centuries to come, as his classic work is timeless.