Woman in Richly Patterned Dress The extraordinary artist, Gustav Klimt, showcased an array of detail and design throughout his sketches, art works and paintings. The clean sketch, Woman in Richly Patterned Dress manifests the classic style of Gustav Klimt through an array of sketches seize from the artist's collection. The artwork depicts a woman in an up right position, showcasing her side profile to the viewer. The woman places her left arm across her hips as she poses for the viewer's pleasure. Gustav Klimt had an array of models who posed for him in his sketches and paintings. It is unaware whether the woman depicted within the art piece manifests one of Klimt's models he commonly used, or if the woman is a spec of the artist's imagination. The woman is drenched is a richly patterned dress flowing towards he knees. The woman's arms are exposed, showcasing a rather modern style entering into the 1910's; paired with a lavish stoned necklace. The woman's exquisite dress is folded with collars at the front, uncovering her chest that is covered in a white lace fabric. The rest of the dress swirls in an array of design and shapes throughout the piece. The artist showcases the mosaic pattern that will cover the dress in sharp curvy brush strokes throughout the painting in an array of directions. The patchwork is the focal point of the sketch, even though it is covered in pencil marks. The lush design the woman is clothed in swirls across the paper, up rising the provoking question of what the dress would look like splattered across a canvas. The exotic dress lightly flaps out towards the back in a straight form, the front part of the dress seems to be coloured in an array of ruffles and shapes. The dress folds upon the other at the front, securing the ensemble together. The woman's strong Austrian features are showcased across her face. With a petite nose, small lips, and prominent eyebrows, the viewer is able to witness Klimt's classic style to showcasing faces. The woman's oval eyes fill the page as the peer at the viewer, paired with a classic up do that surrounds the woman's face. Gustav Klimt is famously known for depicting women as the focal point throughout his work, as their natural body shapes seize the canvas. The artist is fascinated by the movement of their body that seizes the canvas, paired with their natural form and calm characteristics that add a grace to the paintings. However, the features can be dramatized, adding a mysterious allure and emotion to the canvas. Gustav Klimt commonly depicts the woman throughout his work showcased in prominent features. Their strong Austrian eyebrows frame their pale face, while their rosy cheeks and bright red lips and colour to the face. The beautiful work of Klimt has seized the attention of art lovers for centuries, achieved through the beautiful form in which he showcases his muses.